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Window Treatments

There’s something of a long-running debate about what to

call fabrics that hang over doors and windows to control indoor temperatures, cut light and maintain privacy. Is it a curtain? Is it a drape? The broad answer to that question may depend on where you’re from geographically. For example, in old England the curtain maker and upholsterer was the man allowed “upstairs” to furbish curtains and upholstery in the home. He draped fabric at the windows, but his occupation was a Curtain Maker. A Draper was someone who sold fabrics for the Curtain Maker to sew. 

Drapers and Haberdashers were retail stores where fabric and sewing materials could be purchased. The word “curtain” comes from the Latin “cortina,” which is also the Spanish word for curtain. While the terms curtain and drape today have interchangeable usage in most of America — that is to say, drape is merely another word for curtain — we say “curtain.” the curtains we design take time, thought, and creative talent. We actually take pride in every stitch therefore we truly believe the term "curtain" represents a higher quality product than something that simply “drapes” a window.