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of Ashton Hall

Ashton Hall, formerly known as Magnolia Manor, was built in the late 1800's by Andrew Johnson. (Mr Johnson actually built alot of the homes in town during that time). We know that the home was originally built for Judge Hall ; although, we are not sure yet what the story is from the time she was built until 1921, we know that the house and the lot on which it sits were sold to the Methodist church in 1921.

The current information is sketchy at best.


We are presently at a stand still; however, we are very interested in knowing the complete history of the house and lot located at 510 South Main street in Sardis, Panola County, Mississippi.. We certainly know that there is much more to a beautiful historic landmark than what we know thus far. It will be exciting and interesting to get the whole story! WE WOULD LIKE TO REQUEST... if anyone does know anything that may help us, please let us know!______________________________________________


weddings•showers•receptions•rehearsals•office parties•club/organization/committee meetings, etc...

Ashton Hallis......

mysteriously beautiful ; her story is certainly historic; and, if that doesn't impress you then her unique southern charm is sure to intrigue you.

We hosted our very first wedding

at Ashton Hall on Saturday, May 1st, 2010. It was the wedding of Pam Bullard's grandson.

The house is perfect for small, intimate ceremonies and perfect

it definitely was! Here are the pictures to prove it......


We want to acknowledge and extend our gratitude to the photographers who so graciously drove from North Carolina and Atlanta Georgia. The pictures are beautiful!

All pictures of Ashton Hall and the wedding were taken by Pam's brother, Al Jackson and his son, her nephew, Hal Jackson. Al is in GA and Hal is in NC.